People Pads – For pain relief while you sleep


People Pads – For pain relief while you sleep
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Price: $79.95

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A Full 32 x 35 inches  $79.95

Place between your sheet and mattress and go to sleep and wake-up refreshed and without interruption from pain.

This pad will last for 3 to 4 years with proper care.

Perfect for:  Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Sore Back, Shoulder pain, muscle pain, and more.

Plus our 30 day money back guarantee


I have fibromyalgia which causes wide spread pain. I have been using Scott’s Pain Relief Pad, since using Scotty’s Pad it has reduced my pain throughout the day and I sleep all night pain free.

Donna R
Carson City, Nev.

Since purchasing Scott’s People Pad for Pain Relief, it has relieved my back pain to the point I don’t need to wear my back brace all day.

Fred DDS

I am truly grateful that along with taking my sleeping pill, your pad has been the best support that I have had. It has helped with the warmth during my sleep and has helped me wake up with less aches & pains in the morning. There were times that I could not sleep and I would end up on the couch, which I haven’t had to do since receiving my pad. I also like the fact that it is so thin so when its under my sheet, I can’t tell the difference between my side and my husbands side of the bed. Until of course when I lay on his side I start to feel the aches and cannot sleep comfortably.

I have to give such a huge THANK YOU for this pad and your Pain Relief Cream! They both have been such a help to deal daily with my Fibromyalgia.

Reno Nv.


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