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Miracle Soles are excellent for relief of pain and burning from Neuropathy. No product on the planet can do this other than our Miracle insoles and they will last for months. Pain from Arthritis, pain from most any foot problem, will simply go away or diminish so much you will not believe it.

We will give you a 15 day limited Guarantee – if for any reason you are not happy with the Miracle Soles inserts, simply return them and we will refund your full purchase price. For Retail orders, shipping is $4.95 per order.

Doctors, or anyone who is in the retail industry, can call us at 1-702-987-61331-702-987-6133 to see about samples or to obtain Wholesale pricing. Shipping for wholesale orders: $4.95 for up to 4 sets, add $.50 per set thereafter.
Unsolicited testimonials from actual Miracle Soles users who have experienced relief from pain and stiffness.


I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes and Neuropathy. I have been under medical care for about four years. My current Neurologist is Dr. —– —— with the University of Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, Ca.

I am currently on medication – Neurontin and Antitripolean 100mg each and I take each pill four times a day. I met Randy Props at church awhile back and I was explaining to him my sharp pains and burning in the bottom of my feet caused by the neuropathy and diabetes – Randy introduced me to the Miracle Insole. Within 30 minutes the burning ceased. I still have a little pain, but 90%+ of the burning is gone. I would highly recommend these insoles to anyone with neuropathy, they are truly a MIRACLE.

John R

Northern Calif.

General Pain

As long as I used the insoles my knees are 95% improved as well as my hips and feet after one week. I feel that anyone who has problem knee, hip, or foot pain as I do should definitely find out for themselves that life would improve, and therefore be more enjoyable.



Marathon Runner

I am a very active 59 year old Mother, Wife, Runner and Artist. I have done 18 marathons and many other races over the past 14 years. In the past 3 years I have had many problems with my feet. I ask a lot of my feet and they were just starting to talk to me.
I have used all of Doug’s “Best Games Products” and they have always worked so well for me. Doug sent me a pair of the amazing “Miracle Insoles” about 1 1/2 months ago.. Since I have been running with these insoles in my running shoes I have put in about 500 running miles. It is incredible how my feet fell. I can run pretty much pain free!!
I was not going to sign up for any more marathons, as I just thought it was to much stress on my poor feet, but since I have started using the “Miracle Insole” I signed up for the LA Marathon!! I am very excited to see what happens!! Doug’s “Best Game Products” are a well kept secret that myself, my runner friends, and family want to let the WORLD know about!! If you have not tried them you are truly missing out on an amazing experience!!

Missy S

Lake Tahoe, California

Raynaud’s Disease

Doug gave me some amazing shoe insoles that have gotten rid of my varicose veins. They also help me to walk pain free for the first time in years!

Dannette T
Kingman, Arizona

Rheumatoid Arthritis

My name is Elta P—-, last evening I tried a test on myself after wearing your MIRACLE INSOLE for only 1 day. I have RA and had written to you before regarding your MIRACLE DISK, which had brought me relief far beyond my expectations.

Now in regards to the MIRACLE INSOLE I have bone knots on the soles of my feet. I CAN NOT walk barefoot on uncarpeted floors. I can NOW! My self test proved I can now stand on my kitchen floor on 1 foot, holding up 180 pounds without any PAIN – I have experienced 2 Miracles and forever I am grateful for this MIRACLE products.
Elta P

Lavaca, Arkansas


I have diabetes and neuropathy. Prior to owning the MIRACLE INSOLE I would go to bed at night and be awoken with Charlie horses in the bottom of my feet and my toes going in all directions with burning and stinging. I have been wearing the insoles since December 22, 2010, and I sleep good at night, I have not awaken with any pain, burning or stinging since I have been wearing them. I would not go without them. My feet swelling is also down. Thank you for taking time to invent something so wonderful and reasonable.


Rosa B

Northern Calif.


Recommended by a friend, so I ordered and put it into my shoes. After 1 week I’m walking pain free. I have diabetes and the neuropathy has almost disappeared.

Thank You!

Ron K, Kansas


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