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Majee Plus Lotion
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For thin skin and bruising caused from aging and Medications. Not just for repair thiswill prevent the future bruising and tearing of the skin.

Works like magic in most cases you will bruising and tearing of the skin start to diminish in a matter of 3 weeks. In some cases it may be sooner or some may take longer. This depends on your skin type and your age, as we are all unique.

All natural and safe for all ages and it will not interfere with your medications you may be taking. Majee Plus is also great for dry flakey skin, sunscreen, sun damaged skin, Need a pedicure, put our Majee Plus Lotion on your feet and wow what a difference, Jus be careful getting out of bed as your feet will get so smooth you may slip on your carpet, This is a precautionary warning.


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